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Message from Beth A. Broadway, InterFaith Works Executive Director

  • How do we reach across the divides of culture, class, and color, of stereotypes and misunderstanding, and truly find each other?
  • How do we listen deeply enough to points of view that are different from our own to find common ground on which we can stand together?
  • How can a courageous conversation move us towards a life-changing experience that forever opens our hearts and minds?

In true, fruitful dialogue, the conversation creates an opening to new ways of thinking. Dialogue involves a willingness to be moved and changed by what we hear. A dialogue arcs and loops, changes directions, and often comes back around on itself. Ultimately, when the conversation is courageous enough, it creates new understanding, new relationships, life changing experiences, and often, something very beautiful.

InterFaith Works has embarked on the development of a strategic business plan that will guide the future of our organization. It involves the creation of a Center for Dialogue and the deepening of our current work with the Center for New Americans. The Board, Staff, Round Table of Faith Leaders, and volunteers are working together towards a common mission and vision that capitalizes on the core competencies that make InterFaith Works a unique and vital organization for Central New York.

Our vision statement:

InterFaith Works builds bridges of understanding to affirm the dignity of all people in Central New York. Working with the different faith communities and the diversity of the region’s people, we address deeply embedded social divisions. Informed and influenced by the values and ethics of the faith traditions, we work with the community to find common ground on its issues. Using the tools of interfaith and cross-cultural dialogue, we create life-changing experiences that lead to actions for the creation of a more equitable and loving community.

After conducting a thorough assessment of our current strengths and capacities, a process that involved the minds of 100 of the people closest to our work, we identified areas where we need to grow, deepen, and change.

Our core competencies include:

  • Roots in the interfaith movement
  • Relationships with  the many different faith traditions
  • The ability to use the process of dialogue to address  community divisions, problems, and needs
  • A history and expertise in the areas of ending racism, refugee resettlement, and working with vulnerable populations
  • The capacity to manage sustained community initiatives  on issues of equity and justice
  • Non-profit management skills

We are financially stable, our staff and programs are solid and growing, our community support is evident in the faith communities, in the corporate sector, and in philanthropy.

We are especially grateful to the many corporate leaders, area foundations and United Way who have supported our agency and its programs. We are the recipient of the Gifford Foundation’s 3-year ADVANS program which is helping us build our strategic business plan for the coming years, and the United Way is supporting our programs and services to refugees, seniors, and the children and adults in our community who are working for racial equity and understanding. There is a bright future ahead as we build bridges across divides, and create the healthy relationships and climate where progress towards community equity and harmony abides.


In this century and in any century,

Our deepest hope, our most tender prayer, is that we learn to listen

May we listen to one another in openness and mercy

May we listen to plants and animals in wonder and respect

May we listen to our own hearts in love and forgiveness

May we listen to God in quietness and awe

And in this listening,

Which is boundless in its beauty,

May we find the wisdom to cooperate

With a healing spirit, a divine spirit,

Who beckons us into peace and community and creativity.

We do not ask for a perfect world.

But we do ask for a better world.

We ask for deep listening.

 - Jay McDaniel

© 2010 InterFaith Works of Central New York.
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