“There will be peace on earth when there is peace among the world religions.” -Hans Küng, Swiss theologian and President of Foundation for a Global Ethic

InterFaith Works formerly known as The InterReligious Council (IRC) of Central New York was founded in 1976 to bring together the wonderfully diverse array of faith traditions in our community, with the belief that engagement among these different faith groups would lead to understanding, friendships and a collaborative strength to address community issues.  Today, this remains the essence of our work.

InterFaith Works promotes compassion, cooperation and partnership among the diverse faith traditions in Central New York with the goal of increasing understanding and harmony among all people.  We do this through education and dialogue.

We also provide advocacy and human care through our six social service programs which serve people in need, including refugees, the elderly, the disabled, and the institutionalized.  As a result, thousands of people in our community are enabled to live better lives as our neighbors.

“If you picture Central New York as a tapestry of all colors and sizes and shapes, then InterFaith Works is the ribbing that gives it shape and holds it together.”  ~ Stephen A. Rogers, editor and publisher of The Post Standard

“I think about recent world events based largely on misconceptions and religious intolerance…  and then I think about how blessed we are with an organization right in our midst that stands for religious harmony and a mission of bringing faith communities TOGETHER in mutual respect and understanding.  What better time than now to support InterFaith works.”  ~ Aminy I. Audi, President and CEO of L. & J.G. Stickley, Inc.

InterFaith Works provides education, service and dialogue through:

  • Inter-religious educational forums, lectures, and exploratory exchanges.
  • Inter-racial dialogue circles for adults and youth.
  • Assistance, support, resettlement and training services for refugee and immigrant individuals and families.
  • Advocacy for the homebound, frail elderly and disabled.
  • Spiritual care for the hospitalized and institutionalized.


Our programs include:


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