CWDCommunity Wide Dialogue to End Racism is the longest-running dialogue program on ending racism in the United States. Through sustained dialogue, relationships between people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds are formed, and a forum for action is created among people who may not otherwise have the opportunity to meet, work, and learn from one another. We forge racial and ethnic healing that leads to community action and understanding. Through dialogue, we break down the stereotypes that keep people from fully seeing each other’s humanness, and affirm the worth of every member of our community. Using a safe and effective process, CWD influences opinions, changes attitudes, enhances knowledge, and creates stronger community cooperation among dialogue participants as people work to open their minds and hearts. CWD also serves as a “spotlight,” keeping the mission of ending racism on the agenda of many different community groups, drawing the community’s attention to issues of racism that need our attention, and building a broad network of organizations to take complementary action on racial justice issues. The dignity of all people is at the core of our work.

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