Pat Driscoll (left) speaks to Seeds of Peace campers


Beth A. Broadway, Executive Director, IFW

Derrick Dorsey, Director, CWD

Kim Wolfe, Program Associate, CWD

Karen Calenzo, Program Associate, CWD

Janet Dodd, Program Associate, CWD

Melvin Baker, Program Associate, CWD

Kathy Ferro, Administrative Assistant, CWD

Pat Driscoll, Local Operations Director, Say Yes to Education

Kristen P. Rickert, Assistant Vice President, First Niagara Bank

Leslie Lewin, Executive Director, Seeds of Peace

Sarah Brajtbord, Camp and American Seeds Program Coordinator, Seeds of Peace

Laura Vieira-Suarez, Administrator, ESL, Foreign Language, Bilingual and LOTE for SCSD

Larry Williams, Director, SCSD Mentoring Program

Tonja Wade, Mentor Recruiter, SCSD Mentoring Program

Peaceful Schools

Ed Blasland, Henninger High School

Marinda Williams, Henninger High School

Sue Centore, Fowler High School

Peg Durant, Corcoran High School

Janice Hammerle, Nottingham High School

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