Spiritual CareThe Spiritual Care Program affirms the dignity of all persons by working to assure that all have access to quality spiritual care when they need it the most.We contract with chaplains of different faith traditions to care for the personal, emotional and spiritual needs of those in acute and long-term care, correctional, and psychiatric facilities.

In addition to providing individuals the opportunity for spiritual growth and transformation, we address important life issues through educational events such as the annual Dorothy F. Rose Women’s Forum, Spiritual Care Day and the Chaplains Roundtable.These programs explore spiritual issues important to the larger community in areas of women’s spirituality, cultural and religious diversity, challenging ethical issues, public health and community crisis.We also offer training opportunities to chaplains and clergy to increase their skill level. The goal of the Spiritual Care Program is to bring people together and nurture the human spirit at its deepest levels. This goal is accomplished through providing respectful and personalized care to individuals and in reaching out to cultivate the spiritual consciousness of our community at large.

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